Neon brights, lights and all things nice.


Considering it appears that all my FB friends are either in Europe or at the beach to escape the crazy Melbourne weather, I thought it best to write an optimistic post on eclectic neon brights and a more cheery – rather than dreary – time ahead.

I do have to say that this weather is great for getting things done, and as everyone is all rugged up at home the streets are quieter, and whilst it is an effort to brave the wind and rain and risk having your hair looking like a dishevelled dishrag, it is easier and efficient to take care of all those errands that usually get saved for a rainy day.  Would have loved to rock the flouros today in an effort at winter rebellion, but alas smartly donned the all black.  Did see one overly enthusiastic sportster however, brave the cold in next to nothing for an early morning run – kudos to that :)

For some reason I wish I could write on Love today, but it cannot be so.  Everyone is – quite literally, away.  In Europe.  And I am stuck all alone, in Melbourne Town.  Contemplating being in love – but for now will have to settle for the promising colour clashing combinations of a futuristic summer ahead.


Bellarae Xxx


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